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Learning To Be

Counseling and Healing

with Twyla Rownak, MS, LPC, LMFT

Why Therapy?

Have transitions in your life impacted you negatively? Do you feel like you can never rest? Do you have difficulty making choices? Are you often scared of letting others down? Are you afraid to fail?

I can help you untangle these feelings and move forward. I offer a soothing, compassionate, calm place to support your emotional healing from issues like burnout, grief, transitions, divorce, childhood wounds, and more. I value compassion, belonging, and empowering people through Somatic exercises and talk therapy.

Individual Therapy

Stress &/or trauma can make you feel disconnected from yourself and your life.

I work to help you start to reconnect & understand yourself more fully. 

Family Therapy

Raising children today is difficult, but it's tougher if you are learning to be a different kind of parent than you had. I will work with you and your children to meet your goals. 

Family therapy consists of play therapy techniques, talk therapy, and homework.

The Daring Way™ Groups

Become part of the Wholehearted Revolution. I offer 6-week classes or weekend workshops using curriculum based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.

"Dear Twyla, I wanted to extend my depest thanks to you. You have already helped me so much in my pursuit of happiness & inner peace. "Thanks" doesn't even scratch the surface of my gratitude! You are such a blessing!”

"J"  - previous client, adult

Payment Options

I am in-network with three insurance companies and if you pay out of pocket, I can provide a superbill and help you file for out of network reimbursement.

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About the location

Learning to Be with Twyla Rownak, LPC, LMFT

is located inside 

 The Therapy House of Kelli Maestri, LAC,

along with

Era Counseling with Lizzie Adams, LAC,

Insight and Empathy with Carrie Nickels, LPC,

and Reclaim Counseling with Jason Bowyer, LAC.

As a team, we work to help you grow through adversity. 



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