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Welcome! I am excited to meet you.

I'm Twyla Rownak, and I began pursuing a counseling career after the sudden tragic death of my husband in 2006, leaving me alone with four young children. We all felt traumatized and struggled with all the overwhelming emotions, interactions, expectations, and just daily life.

Experiencing tragedy can deeply impact even the most stable individuals, leading to changes in behavior, personal ideas, and social interactions. You might ask, "Who am I now? What do I believe? Who can I trust? Can I trust myself?" Seeking therapy with a reliable, trained therapist can be an invaluable tool in the journey toward healing.


If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or establishing counseling services, please request an appointment through the link on the "Services" or "Contact" pages.



MS in Marriage and Family Therapy
John Brown University

I have a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy which equipped me to understand the whole picture and story of a person. My studies taught me to observe the behaviors of groups and their impact, not only on individuals but also on the relationships within the group (family, team, community, etc.). This "systems" approach shows us that we are not isolated individuals, but rather part of a larger whole. Together, we are learning how we fit into this larger picture.


BS in Organizational Management

John Brown University

My undergrad degree in organizational management taught me how to form and lead teams and assume managerial roles in any sector. The program delved into the aspects of managing organizations, such as communication, group dynamics, decision-making, human resource management, ethics, and more. This education has greatly influenced my current business practices and empowering individuals to work toward achieving their objectives.

My Mission

My mission is to provide you with a peaceful and safe place to heal from past traumas, pains, or any unexpected events that life throws your way. I am committed to helping you develop self-compassion, identify your future aspirations, and overcome past struggles. Together, we will work towards achieving your goals and dreams.


I promise to offer you unconditional positive regard and honor your experiences. Your life is likely more challenging than I can imagine, but together we can seek to gain perspective. We will learn how to address your struggles through awareness, conversation, and somatic practices. Your body has a lot to say about what you have been through. By healing both your mind and body, we can help you become the best version of yourself.



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